Eric Thomas & Associates

Camp Safety

The STAFF takes full responsibility in providing for the safety and of all participants. This is our number one priority.  The camp rules listed below are established to insure we have a safe and problem free environment so our participants can be focused from start to finish. Though it is assumed through the grace that we will have no problems.  Participants are to attend all instructional sessions, team workouts, and team games on time. who repeatedly fail to follow the rules will be sent home immediately.  Please take a moment to review the camp rules with your camper prior to camp.

Thanks so much. Let's have fun and let's get better!

1.  Cell phone usage is prohibited during camp activities.  Cell phones may be used at meals, and break time. Participants are solely responsible for cell phones.

2.  Participants are to attend all instructional sessions, team practices, and team games on time.

3.  Participants must listen to all staff, and be courteous and respectful at all times.

4.  Always travel with your team and coach when moving from one activity to the next.

5.  NO ONE may leave campus unless they are released as commuters or they have permission from the camp/housing director.  No camper should leave the general vicinity of the assigned building.

6.  No running in the bleachers, hanging on railings, or climbing bleachers.